Highly-rated Stories From Jack and Jill
10 minutes

Vengeance in their eyes


How do you fight against someone far stronger than you? How do you obtain justice in a system that i...

11 minutes
14 minutes

The Healing Spring


A tale of two brave individuals who risk their lives for their village that has been threatened by a...

11 minutes

A Wily While


A rich business man...…… His wife is murdered followed by his son...… He wants to take revenge...

4 minutes

The Mission


The story revolves around Captain Borris who was sent to Raccoon City to observe the situation after...

6 minutes

Jaclyn and Gillian - A Steampunk Re-imagination


A 'what if?' story of twin siblings who are freedom fighters, heroes of an upcoming revolution and p...

9 minutes

And God created Jack and Jill


Jack and Jill fight something which is stronger than them and discover the mystery of life....

4 minutes

Hero and the magical jin😉


Hero was under the protection of Heaven. Read the story to find out how Hero got the magical jin and...

2 minutes

A Brief History of Jack and Jill (For Younger Readers)


Jack and Jill Sheringham always fight over useless things. One such incident occurred when Jill chal...

15 minutes



Have you ever lived in a video game? I have. And trust me, you don't want to switch places. ...

8 minutes

Those Burning Eyes


"As we turned around, what we saw shocked us to the core of our bodies. Our faces turned even paler....

10 minutes

Jack and Jill or Gill, what's in a name!


We all know their story, at least the ending. Let's go back to the start. ...

7 minutes

Jack and Jill and the water delivery


Jacks apartment water pipeline bursts one fine day ad he goes to purchase water as instructed by his...

10 minutes

Jack and Jill – Espionage Poem.


Secretly told spy craft story....

8 minutes

Why Jack and Jill tumbled down the hill?


The famous nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’ tells us the story of the duo going up the hill to fetc...

4 minutes

The tale of two siblings Jack and Jill


The story of Jack & Jill retold in today's world...

9 minutes

Jack & Jill


Do you really want to know the real story of Jack & Jill? Beware, it may not be a children poem as ...

7 minutes

Jack and Jill on an adventure


Join in the adventure of two neighbors Jack and Jill as they try to solve their problem themselves. ...

7 minutes

Can't get over Jack who?


Jill is a small town girl and only daughter to a farmer. Having no siblings she does not want to dis...

2 minutes

A Forest Delight for Jack and Jill


Jack and Jill went to a camp. What lay in store for them? Would they be facing animals?...

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