10 Things to do during the lockdown due to Covid-19 (Corona) Virus pandemic

10 Things to do during the lockdown due to Covid-19 (Corona) Virus pandemic

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Many countries, including India are now in a lockdown due to the Covid-19 (Corona) Virus Pandemic. This pandemic has already claimed 18,909 deaths and 295,407 active cases worldwide as reported by as on the writing of this piece. Originated in Wuhan, China, this virus is proven to be highly contagious, and the infected cases are seeing an exponential growth, unless the chain of transmission is broken effectively. So stringent measures, as curfew and lockdown are used by many countries and is seen as the only effective option with the absence of vaccine or treatment to eradicate this disease. So as responsible Citizens, it is our civic duty and obligation to adhere to the guidelines by our local administrations and governments. So here are 10 things you could do when in a lockdown.

  1. STAY HOME – No Matter What.

This is of paramount importance and duly deserves to be listed first. STAY HOME – no matter what. The chain of transmission can be effectively broken if you stay put in your home. Even at home maintain social distancing in whatever way possible. Just following this step will help your family from staying away from acquiring this deadly disease, if you haven’t acquired it yet, and if unfortunately already been exposed to the virus, it will help to contain it within your family. So when you are maintaining social distancing don’t do it as to avoid contamination, but do it to avoid transmission.

  1. Stay Healthy, Maintain Hygiene, Stay Hydrated, Eat Adequately

Your health is important, so if you need drugs to combat lifestyle ailments like diabetes, hypertension or other ailments, make sure you take them regularly. You will not want to additionally strain our health services and also exposing yourself to the hospital environment. Maintain proper hygiene and sanitation to avoid all infections including possible exposure to Covid-19. Stay well Hydrated and eat adequately so as to keep your immune system strong and not vulnerable to infections. Seek medical help on the contact numbers provided by your authorities before visiting the hospital facilities. 

  1. Ration your resources.

Given a lockdown, there is a good unfortunate chance of you running out of necessary supplies even after the assurances of the government. So take stock of what you have and ration it properly. Also use your reason, as to not overstock, thereby denying your neighbours of an essential commodity. Share if you can. Avoid binge eating or when not necessary. Eat adequately and most importantly do not waste food and other limited commodities.

  1. Pray and let your Faith be guided by Reason.

Faith and Hope in a better and brighter tomorrow is what should guide us through these difficult times. So yes, pray as per your beliefs and customs, but be vigilant that your Faith is guided by Reason. Avoid congregational gatherings at all costs, maintain social distancing even in your homes and do not endorse any ritual or practice claiming to be a solution or protection from the COVID-19 outbreak. Use this time, in personal conversation with the Almighty, and passing on positive vibes through prayer to all those battling this outbreak, starting with you.

  1. Plan your Time Table.

Most of us will be advised to be working from Home. But a home setting, can tempt us into relaxing and not be as conducive for business as our usual office. You could set up a private office in your home, (may be just a table and a chair next to your bed or couch) and designate time as per your work requirements or meetings. Also include in your timetable, some time to relax, eat, indulge in hobbies and yes of course, sleep.

  1. Revisit your Hobbies.

With so much time saved from the commute and reduced workload, you will have ample time at your disposal. Use it to revisit your hobbies of yesteryears. Play the guitar, draw, write/compose, dirty your hands in the garden, try preparing a new recipe or just anything you could safely do in the confines of your home with the limited resources at hand. May be this is a golden opportunity God has given you to explore your talent that you had been long avoiding.

  1. Clean your Closet and your house.

Another activity that can definitely help you in maintaining hygiene and sanitation is cleaning of your house. Quite possible, that your house help isn’t available due to the lockdown, and the cleaning is your responsibility. With the help of your family, start cleaning places which our otherwise reserved to be cleaned before any festivity. Hope to find some old memorable photos or items that will take you on a nostalgic drive in the past.

  1. Binge on your favourite shows or movies.

You finally have the time specifically to binge, which otherwise you used to steal from your hectic schedule. Ask your friends for suggestions, if you have already exhausted your binge list. Make sure even when you binge, you take care of your eating and sleeping needs.

  1. Pick a book or read online

Pick up those books from your bookshelf that you haven’t completed. If you want to reread a particular book, the please do. If you run out of books, avail the content from many sites providing for your reading needs. Novella Short Stories ( is one such website providing stories that you can binge read. Also leave your valuable comments to encourage the authors and help other readers.

  1. Write something. A story or your journal.

Pick up the pen, and put it to work. Compose poems, songs; write articles and stories, or whatever is on your mind. If you explored writing short stories, then we welcome you to submit the same to Novella Short Stories ( and we would publish on our platform and provide the readership you deserve.

Make the best use of the time at your disposal. Maintain social distancing and self-isolation during this lockdown to achieve the objectives of the government of breaking the chain of transmission. Share this article with your friends and let’s together fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


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