How do I create convincing characters for my stories?

How do I create convincing characters for my stories?

Team Novella

  • Identify your narrator.
    The narrator is the one who will be telling the story to your readers. As an author you should be able to see through his eyes, hear from his ears, feel and perceive the environment through his mind. You could have one or more narrators in your story. Make sure you do great job in polishing the narration, as your reader heavily relies on it to visualize the story being told.

  • Start communicating through your characters.
    Most common mistake the authors do, is that they remain unassociated with their characters. Remember you should not be telling the reader about your characters, the characters themselves need to communicate with the reader. Instead of explicitly telling that a character say Dr. Z is rude and cunning, let Dr. Z tell the audience that she is rude and cunning through her actions.

  • Work on the dialogues
    Many readers do not like a story told like a monologue by the author. Introduce dialogues where needed. Make sure do not be overtly formal unless absolutely required. No one talks in Shakespearean in their normal talk. Be casual and as realistic as possible. Use interruptions, sarcasms, emotions, etc. in your dialogue. Read them aloud, to check if they sound as normal talk.

  • Research about your characters
    You might have characters in your story who are completely different than what you do and have seldom interacted with people with similar domain as your character. For example, if your character is a surgeon, or top military handler. It is important that sufficient research is done for such characters to get the best out of them and make them sound convincing enough.

  • Read your story to yourself
    Read your story aloud to yourself. More often than not, this will bring to your notice any grammatical errors, sentence formation errors, ambiguity of thought or expressions, etc. You could make the necessary changes, and again read it out to yourself till you are satisfied with the work.

  • Ask your friends and mentors to comment
    Asking someone else to have a look at your work, can be beneficial. They may point out errors that you missed by oversight. You might get suggestions too, which you may or may not incorporate. They may even find out technical errors with respect to the characters which you might not be aware of.

Developing a convincing characters is quite a challenge. It takes practice to deliver a convincing portrayal of your characters in your writing. However with checks as these, we can come with beautiful characters that will tell the story to its readers. So start developing your characters that will tell a convincing story. Make sure you upload these to Novella for all the avid readers to be entertained by your work. All the best!


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