How to come up with Story Ideas?

How to come up with Story Ideas?

Team Novella

    • Read, Read and Read a lot.
      Reading is a key to successful writing. Do not hesitate to read the works by established and fellow authors. As an author yourself you will need to respect the work by such authors and avoid duplicating their stories or plots. This will otherwise constitute as plagiarism or copyright infringement. All you have to learn from them here is their style of writing and structure of the plot. You may reimagine some of the situations and spin them to adapt to your story. Remember there is a thin line between getting inspired by and copying from a fellow author. Your conscious should be your best judge.
      You could also read newspapers/news channels and get inspired by events happening around you.


    • Recall your conversations with your family and friends.
      A lot can come gossips and rumors, usually shared among friends and relatives. You could use one such information, spin-it-off into an interesting story. Make sure to avoid direct references and possibly use disclaimers.


    • Have a small talk with strangers.
      Small talks are a great way to get inspired. Each person has an experience, a viewpoint and a story to share. Learn to absorb such vibes, and you will be inspired with a storyline and a plot.


    • Eavesdrop on strangers or friends.
      Though not a healthy or civilized habit, many authors do find their inspiration in cafeterias, restaurant, movie theaters, sidewalks, marketplaces, etc. You may be lucky if you happen to eavesdrop on a conversation that will inspire your story. Exercise caution, for you don’t want to be seen as creepy.


    • Think of a situation in your friends’ life or your own.
      Think of a situation in your own life or someone you know, and re imagine it in a different possibility or course of action. Do not use direct references and use disclaimers as necessary.


    • Look at random pictures and let them talk.
      Pictures talk to us in many languages. Look intently into the picture, and surely it will speak its story back to you. The same picture can speak a different story to different people.


    • Pay attention to your dreams.
      Our subconscious is a beautiful storyteller, and our dreams are a testimony to it. It also goes to prove that each of us who dreams is a storyteller. So pay careful attention to your dreams. You never know, you might dream your story’s inspiration.


    • Start writing a Junk Draft.
      Even after you feel that you have a story at hand, or is inspired to write one; you might happen to feel a block. You may not be able to put that story on paper or on your computer. If you face such a dilemma, then start junk drafting your thoughts, i.e. write whatever comes to your mind. Do not worry about grammar, plot or storyline. As you are doing so, you will realize that your story is again on the track. Make amends to your junk draft as needed.


You never know where you will find your inspiration for your next story. Just look out for them and once you find such an inspiration, head to Novella and submit your short story. We will be pleased to publish all your stories for all the avid readers and be inspired by your work.


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