How to overcome the Writer’s Block?

How to overcome the Writer’s Block?

Team Novella

    • Drink a glass of water and breath.
      It is important to remain hydrated, even when you are exercising the muscle of your brain. So take a break, drink a glass of water slowly, sip by sip, accompanied by slow conscious deep breaths. You will feel the thoughts in your mind, unclutter and you will be back in your rhythm in no time.


    • Gaze into the green foliage.
      The natural green of the trees is very soothing for the eyes. It could be your eyes are stressed out with the light of your laptop, and hence your body sent out a signal to relax. If you are lucky to be living around trees, then open your window and watch the trees. Better still take a walk to the nearest park.


    • Take a walk
      You will be surprised to see how a small walk down in the park or at the beach, clears your thought channel. A little physical exertion will help to remove the steam off your mind, allowing the story to flow beautifully.


    • Stare into the horizon
      Horizon represents infinity, and watching it broadens your scope of your thinking capacity. It is very relaxing at the same time. Slowly you will find your way around the block and thoughts shall start flowing freely.


    • Define your storyline/plot structure.
      With your protagonist, other characters and the setup finalized, now work on the storyline. You might already have it near completed in your junk draft. It is necessary to polish it further in the context of your setup and the characters. Remember the storyline should not give away the ending before its time. So cleverly use twists and events that will keep the readers engaged and engrossed in the story. Please note that short stories need to be concise and yet give a clear picture about the event to the readers.


    • Talk to a friend
      It helps to take your mind from writing for some time and do something completely different. Call up a friend or talk with your spouse or play with your pet. These social connections can also help your brain reset, so that when you are back at your writing pad, you are fresh and anew.


    • Do some other creative activity
      Engaging into some other creative activity, like painting, reading or even writing something else, may help you get around the block. Giving an outlet to your thoughts in a different avenue, shall definitely help your creative thought free up. Remember, it is important to be disciplined enough to return to what you left.


  • Take a break and start writing a Junk Draft
    Many times it happens that the author has the storyline in his mind but hesitates to put it on paper fearing it may not be good. If you face such a dilemma, then take a short break and start junk drafting your thoughts, i.e. write whatever comes to your mind. As you are doing so, you will realize that you have once again got your track back and make amends to your junk drafted as needed.Remember my friend, there is no writer’s block you can’t overcome. All it takes is practice, patience and will power. Believe in your creative self and get going. Read a lot, and you will find writing is a piece of cake. Novella is your destination to publish your creative stories for all the avid readers to read your beautiful work.


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