How to write my first story

How to write my first story

Team Novella

  • Believe in yourself
    Just believe in your creative instinct and let it take over your fingers as they glide on the keys of your computer or guide the pen on the paper, documenting the thoughts of your mind. Believing is the first step of all, because unless you believe you will not have enough motivation to open your laptop or your notepad to write your story.

  • Start with the Junk Draft
    Even before your first draft should be a junk draft. This draft is for your eyes only and could have various iterations of the same. In this draft, you just write about a story or a plot, as it comes to your imagination. Do not bind yourself with any conventions and logic. Just let your thoughts run through the plot, unplanned, unadvised, unbound. You will be surprised how creative you can get as you discover characters, plot twists, you can come up within the Junk draft.

  • Define your Protagonist and other characters.
    From your junk draft, you now have your characters, vague set-up, and a raw story line. Polish these characters and define them clearly. Choose a Protagonist among them. The same story will sound different, if heard from different characters you created. Identify who according to you will be able to tell the story the best. In some cases, you can have more than one protagonists. For example a tale of two lovers may have both lovers as protagonists. Some may not even have one.

  • Define the settings for the story
    From your junk draft, identify the setting for your story. Choose whether it should be in modern cosmopolitan setup, or in the mid-80’s rural agrarian household or an ancient royal courtyard or anything that you create with your imagination. These should seem realistic to the reader, even if it is completely fictitious.

  • Define your storyline/plot structure.
    With your protagonist, other characters and the setup finalized, now work on the storyline. You might already have it near completed in your junk draft. It is necessary to polish it further in the context of your setup and the characters. Remember the storyline should not give away the ending before its time. So cleverly use twists and events that will keep the readers engaged and engrossed in the story. Please note that short stories need to be concise and yet give a clear picture about the event to the readers.

  • Show, don’t tell.
    As a writer you need to make sure that you need to help the reader to visualize the story you are telling in her imagination. Try being more observant, and cleverly describe the environment and location to the readers. Readers will appreciate the story better, if you are able to take them on visual tour of your story in their imagination.

  • Read out the Story to yourself, aloud.
    Once you have finished your story, read it out aloud to yourself. This will bring to your notice any grammatical errors, sentence formation errors, ambiguity of thought or expressions, etc. You could make the necessary changes, and again read it out to yourself till you are satisfied with the work. This shall be then called as your first draft.

  • Ask your friends or your mentors to read and comment.
    The second pair of eyes or ears checking your story, wouldn’t hurt. These people may help you find something that you missed by oversight. A suggestion or two may come your way, which you might want to consider or not. They might even point out if it sounds similar to any story they have read or heard, and you can do your research to avoid conflicts of copyright and plagiarism.

  • Do a final review
    After all these steps, do a final review of your work. Check for spelling errors, grammar syntax errors, etc. Once you are satisfied with your work, proceed to to upload your story for all the avid readers and your followers to read.

  • Go back to the first point and Repeat.
    Now that you have started with your first story, don’t let it be your last. We invite you start writing your next story and we shall publish the every story you want to tell. Wishing you all the best in your writing adventure with Novella.



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