How to use Writer’s Prompts?

How to use Writer’s Prompts?

Team Novella

  • Words or phrases can be used as prompts, to draw inspiration from. It could be a Story Title or a phrase. Like “The Last Day”, “and all fall down”, “I Hate you too”, “a rickety Bus”.
  • The prompt could also suggest a scenario, so that you could start your story from there. For eg: “The lady next to you in a bus starts crying….”, “The glass of hot tea, turned chilling cold the moment you sipped it….”
  • An image can tell a thousand tales. Different people can interpret it differently. A lot of permutations and combinations are possible here. So just look at the picture and let it speak to you.
  • A character, usually the protagonist or the antagonist is described to you. You can then design your story around this character or add your own characteristics to it. “A hefty man with a feeble voice”, “She was a beauty like no one has ever seen, but a mild look from her could instantly kill”
  • A story can be narrated to you. It could be in text, audio or even a video. All you have to do is, to imagine it in a different set up or circumstance or change the course of the events.

    Writers’ prompt will only set the ball rolling for you. It is up to your creativity then to take it to the heights of entertainment and delight. Writers’ prompt are also a good tool for practice and it will help your creative acumen to grow beautifully and constructively.
    Internet is filled with writers’ prompt for you to use from. Here at Novella, we are glad to provide you with excellent writers’ prompts to help you write a new story one after another. Click on this link to continue.


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