Creative and Productive things to do at home when under Lockdown

Creative and Productive things to do at home when under Lockdown

Team Novella

With so much of time at our disposal at these times of a lockdown, and being stuck inside the confines of your homes, boredom could likely creep in. Your family members especially the younger lot, must also be experiencing the overdose of being stuck indoors. So what could you do, to keep your spirits high and be productive? Here are some suggestions that you could use to keep you and your family members occupied 

  • Try a new recipe. Cook, bake or mix.

With the internet at our disposal, lookup for an exciting recipe that you could try with the limited resources stacked in your kitchen. Check websites/apps of the like of Supercook at can suggest a variety of recipes from all across the globe that you could try.

  • Give your Home a Makeover

You might have already engaged in cleaning and sanitizing of your apartment. Why not take it a notch higher. Move the furniture around. Look what setting gives your room the maximum natural light, or good cross breeze. In a way be like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and find your Sheldon's Spot. You might be sweetly surprised to know things about your apartment that you were never aware of all this while.

  • Play the musical instrument that was gathering dust otherwise

At some point in time, we might have learnt or had started to learn a musical instrument. But for varied reasons, it is now stuffed into a corner of your closet or somewhere in your apartment. Now is a good time to pick it up, clean it, and start jamming. If any of your family members, know to play an instrument, ask them to teach you. A lot of YouTube tutorials are also available that could help you learn to play your favourite track. Go a step further and video call all your band members and start a jam session. These days, you might have also seen videos of people jamming in their balconies with their neighbours. What say, if you could also do the same?

  • Learn a new work skill.

With many websites and apps offering training programs and virtual classrooms, upgrading your self wasn’t this easy. So, identify that skill that will help you get that promotion you were looking for or a handsome increment on your job switch that you always wanted, and train yourself during these days of lockdown. 

  • Learn a new Language

Now, this could mostly work for those who are staying in a PG accommodation where you share a room with someone of different ethnicity. Ask them to teach you their language and you, in turn, teach them yours. If your family members have learnt another language, then ask them for their notes and start learning. The internet could also help you with content that will help you learn a new language. At the end of the lockdown, you can be sure you will be equipped with the mastery of a new language.

  • Home Gardening

Start a home garden, in your balconies or terrace. If you don’t have vases, cut open bottles, cans, tetra packs, packets, etc that you have discarded. Tomatoes and chillies are the easiest to start with. You could also re-pot your existing ornamental plants. Watching the plants grow, will give you a good feeling.

  • Draw and Paint

We all have doodled in our notebooks during a boring lecture. Why not take this talent a notch ahead? Try creating a masterpiece of yours, with whatever colours or paints in your reach. Learn different styles of drawing, or even calligraphy from the internet.

  • Research some party games and play with your family 

This is a good time for you to bond with your family members. Look up the internet for interesting party games and play with your family members. You could do puzzles with your friends over WhatsApp or Facebook. Surely it will keep you entertained and well equipped when you host your next party.

  • Read a book 

Pick up those books from your bookshelf that you haven’t completed. If you want to reread a particular book, then please do. If you run out of books, avail the content from many sites providing for your reading needs. Novella Short Stories ( is one such website providing stories that you can binge read. Also, leave your valuable comments to encourage the authors and help other readers.

  • Compose or Write 

Pick up the pen, and put it to work. Compose poems, songs; write articles and stories, or whatever is on your mind. If you explored writing short stories, then we welcome you to submit the same to Novella Short Stories ( and we would publish on our platform and provide the readership you deserve.

We can spend this time in self-isolation in our homes productively and learn new skills and be equipped when the lockdown ends. We must exercise extreme caution and follow the instructions of the local authorities to curb this menace. Wishing you all a productive learning time and good health. 



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