Are you an avid reader or an aspiring author?

Then you are at the right place.

Novella (https://novella.co.in) is a place for aspiring authors as well as established authors to publish their work for avid readers who prefer their reads, short. Novella is your go-to place for a large collection of short stories from various genres.

We at Novella Short Stories, are highly motivated and committed to encourage short story fiction reading and writing among the youngsters through our platform and initiatives like our online platform, workshops and events and our very recently launched anthology titled “The Purple Jacket and Other Short Stories” , a quarterly publication of select short stories from https://novella.co.in Our efforts are widely appreciated by the literature fraternity, the media and readers from all over the State and the Country.

About the Curator

Inacio Fernandes, is a dynamic and extremly creative young entrepreneur whose passion towards reading and writing led him to conceptualize Novella Short Stories. He is a motivational speaker and has mentored many workshops in Creative Short Story Writing in various schools and colleges in Goa and Mumbai. He is working in close collaboration with established authors, publishers and other creative people, to encourage reading and writing among youngsters.

Our Associations and Our Partners

We do partner with many organization and individuals, who beleive in our vision and objectives of promoting reading and writing among youngsters. Many have even advertized on our platform, Books, and Events/Workshops and donated to our campaigns.

About Criador Solutions

Criador Solutions is a start-up, incubated in the Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA), Verna Goa. The company specializes in Software Developement, Website design, Mobile Apps Design, Smart Digital Marketing and Content Building.

Novella Short Stories is one of the products conceptualized, produced, developed and marketed by Criador Solutions.

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