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Spetember 25, 2018

How to overcome the Writer’s Block?

Not just amateur writers but also the experienced and seasoned authors face this unpleasant phenomenon called the Writer’s Block. It is so annoying and frustrating that even drives many authors to give up midway. The main contributing reason to such a block is stress. But the good news here, is that you can overcome it. All it takes is a little practice, patience and an iron strong will. Here are some of the things you could try.

Spetember 25, 2018

How to come up with Story Ideas?

There will be many aspiring authors who want to write a story but fall short of inspiration. Many seasoned authors too, stare blankly on their notepad or their screens, or wander around for inspiration. But they eventually come around with excellent stories and plots. Where do they get their inspiration from? Allow us to share some methods that you can employ to get inspired. Here are some of the things you could try.

Spetember 25, 2018

How do I create convincing characters for my stories?

The story without its characters is nothing. The more your readers love/hate (in case of an antagonist/villain) your characters, the more successful your story will be. So it is of paramount importance to the author to carefully create her characters especially the narrator and the protagonist.

Spetember 25, 2018

How to write my first story

We are all surrounded by stories. Each person we meet has a story to tell. Each moment or circumstance we live or experience, tells us a story. Our dreams whilst we sleep, tells us a story. In such a case, if dreams originate from our subconscious, then we are all automatically wonderful story tellers to ourselves. Each of the stories have immense potential to influence and inspire some more stories. Most times they are subtle and not very evident. How carefully do we listen to all these, is a question to be asked. Here are some steps that could help you write your first story.

Spetember 25, 2018

How to use Writer’s Prompts?

Even an established seasoned author may run out of ideas or may lack inspiration to write something new. It is a temporary phase, but is very annoying. The struggle is real, may be discouraging to an extent. So if we ever find ourselves in such starting problem situations, then what do we do? What could be our course of action? Writers’ prompts is one of the many tools that can get you out of such depressing scenario. Writers’ prompt are pointers that an author can use to set the ball running for his new story. The prompts can be of different type like the ones given below

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