Most-read Stories From Fantasy
19 minutes

The Nude Flute


No, my dear friend. Every human being has sexual affection for like and unlike sex. ...

5 minutes

The Miracle


The story of five village children who get a magical diary and the adventure they find themselves on...

15 minutes

Tooth & Claw


Susan - What nonsense. See you hit me and I swallowed the tooth which went into my stomach. This bab...

8 minutes

Why Jack and Jill tumbled down the hill?


The famous nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’ tells us the story of the duo going up the hill to fetc...

14 minutes

Mountain Echoes


Raman was not sure whether what followed was a hallucination, a dream or a ghostly reality. ...

6 minutes



All of us would love to become invisible. Continue reading to know about a boy whose life turns mise...

9 minutes

The Mystery At The Madhouse


The story about a boy who get a nightmare and also sees it come alive....

6 minutes

Bruno the super Doggy Adventures


A stray dog gets superpowers by accident. He was abducted to run experiments on by an evil scientist...

6 minutes

A refreshing rendezvous!


A young corporate executive driven by the sense of adventure sets out to an untrodden destination ...

3 minutes

The Wise Brave Man


The Princess asks the King to award 5 Bravest of his men, and she will choose a groom for herself fr...

5 minutes

The legend of Peace


Read the legend about peace and why Earth never attained it! ...

10 minutes

The Treasure Hunt


Would he be the first to find it? How many of them were there in the race? ...

1 minute

The Garden of Eden


A young girl with a vivid imagination visiting the Garden of Eden, explaining how she played Hide & ...

10 minutes

The Gem Garden


Adelina discovers the wonders of the Gem Garden on the Day of Ignis and Lacus... and meets her magni...

10 minutes

Mysterious neighbour


It was a dark and stormy night. Mia laid beside the window in her bedroom. She watched the truck unl...

10 minutes

The Wasp that read


Ever thought that a wasp could survive for over 1000 years? Ever thought a wasp could read?? Ever th...

4 minutes

A Raindrop


Story of a drop of rain, its journey and the water cycle....

3 minutes

The Sleepless Night


This was my first sleepless night. The queen of the mysterious, fantasy land visited me. We have a f...

3 minutes

The Haunted Clock Tower


The haunted clock tower was a very horrifying experience with horrible and ugly experiences of facin...

11 minutes



Jack is like any other kid. But little does he know what awaits him in the future. Will he be able t...

4 minutes

“Coco’s Secret”


Coco is a “TYPICAL TEENAGER”, her life’s perfect....but something’s missing!....will she fin...

3 minutes

The Adventure of the Underworld Ocean


It was a hot summer day and my friends and I had just passed from the diving school. We were ready t...

8 minutes

Pinch yourself hard


Ever found your superheroes in reality? Ever found them weaker than earthworms?? What do you do then...

3 minutes

The Adventure Of The Underworld Ocean by Palash Doshi


A boy named Wally had a pet named Zoro. One day found a mermaid name Martha. She had come from an un...

5 minutes

The Mysterious Manor


An adventurous trip to the mysterious manor. Two curious minds crack the case and also escape....

10 minutes

A shower of truth


Rohan lives in a village mired in a conflict between the proponents of science and religion. The ser...

2 minutes

The Winged adventure


One morning, I woke up to find that I got wings. I was very happy and excited as I could go anywh...

3 minutes



Let take a tour to the underwater city and solve their issues and problems....

8 minutes




4 minutes

Hero and the magical jin😉


Hero was under the protection of Heaven. Read the story to find out how Hero got the magical jin and...

4 minutes



This story is about two brothers among ,whom one is obsessed with the magical power of the mirror an...

6 minutes

Angel in fur


I didn't know much about raising a puppy, but my eagerness to learn was undeniable. I wanted to rais...

12 minutes



What happens..... when you suddenly get out of your world?A break from your ususal life,from the eve...

11 minutes

The Game of Choices


Rick had a strange dream. He was in a game with signboards showing the choices on them the fir...

18 minutes

Enchanted tree of Wildwines


In a land known as Smithville, lives a young girl named Chrystelle. She sets out for an adventure to...

7 minutes

The Lost Coin


My story is about Mythological Heroes and if you love getting lost in the unknown - come take a leap...

6 minutes

Sky High


I woke up, finding myself cutting through the cold air and about to crash into an ocean ! But the la...

6 minutes

Who said Black Cats are Unlucky ?


Lucy's life changes when she saves a black cat. But what she doesn't know that he is the Prince of ...

11 minutes

The Frozen Heart


Get ready to enter in a new world with Anu to experience an amazing adventure with Giants & Wolves a...

6 minutes



I felt something pulling me into the diary. Its a curdled cave....

2 minutes

A Demon in The House


What is a nine year old girl doing in the middle of the night with a candle in front of the mirror? ...

9 minutes



Let me start this story with a question. Do you think all demons are evil? Most of you answered “y...

10 minutes



. Kevin was loved by all the villagers. The villagers cared for him very much. He decided to go into...

10 minutes

a dream


This story is about a 12 year kid who has dreamed of a dream in which he has helped a duo. ...

5 minutes

The Foolish Queen and her Foolish Kingdom


The readers will get to know about my funny story. This is going to be about a foolish queen,her foo...

3 minutes

A clumsy Princess and her teleporting spell


Once upon a time, a pretty girl was caged in a tower. Her name was Claire, and she was a clumsy prin...

5 minutes



Once upon a time in small little quaint village uphill there lived a middle-aged man Otis, along wit...

2 minutes

Ontragon the Monster


Do you like monsters ???? If yes, this story has a monster named Ontragon and this story will tell ...

20 minutes

The Curse of The Darkness


The Darkness Grows, as the Dwarves cower and Elves feed....

9 minutes

One More Story. Benjamin


It was a sunny evening, nothing but grass on the ground, the tickling feeling I got when my bare fee...

2 minutes

Max and Ruby Find a Treasure


An interesting story of a brother and sister playing. It is a combination of wonderland, dreams and ...

3 minutes

Revolution from 2019-2020


county without poverty...

2 minutes

The Strange Football


2 boys who travelled across to Shrimata river in order to get their football back in shape....

3 minutes



Its good to share friendships. It helps in growing together....

8 minutes

The Queen of Pomegranate


A story of a witty, handworking youngster, Abhi who leaves his house in guest of a perfect wife and ...

7 minutes

The Helpful Enemy


It is about helping an enemy...

3 minutes

Revenge for Bravo


Richard Davidson, the soldier of under Justice Dicker the president of America...

3 minutes

1000th Birthday


Benester is going to celebrate his eighth birthday and is having a big party. He invites his friends...

6 minutes



Louis is in for a surprise! The siblings are now billionaires.Go through the exciting journey of Lo...

12 minutes



I am Glaze. I live on this planet: ‘Utopia'. Thanks for coming to this planet. You all were the aw...

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