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9 minutes

Environmental Story


Mani in surprise asked the stag “Why is your tail green in colour ?” The stag replied sadly “I...

12 minutes



Riyaaz and Shabnam are to be blessed with a baby soon. Riyaaz, a contract labourer, is excited to se...

7 minutes

The Power of Determination


Maya is a regular fifteen year old in her school. An achiever, her life is almost perfect, until tha...

5 minutes

Faith Came Calling


Faith can move mountains ,but to hold on to that faith can sometimes be a challenge....

8 minutes

An Intriguing Interaction


This story take you to experience an intriguing interaction with the sea which has the mystery of an...

2 minutes

The Proud Golden Retriever


This story is about a beautiful dog who lost his friends due to his proud behaviour and how then he ...

3 minutes



This story traces the journey of a bubbling and vivacious child who is forced to see the stark reali...

6 minutes

Angel in fur


I didn't know much about raising a puppy, but my eagerness to learn was undeniable. I wanted to rais...

3 minutes

A Beautiful Game


Even though the world was shaking around him, for Tom, everything was blurry. All he could hear was ...

4 minutes

What changed their mind?


Hurrah! Truth again defeats evil. An incident which took place with my grandfather was very strange....

3 minutes



Once there was a very rich merchant who lived in Venice. He was a very kind and talented merchant...

4 minutes

The Mother’s Tears of Joy


This Story depicts the emotions between a child and the mother. It is an interesting true story show...

3 minutes

The Final Embrace


This is an emotional story ,about an old man who meets his childhood friend...

4 minutes

The Mother's Tears of Joy


My Mother and I try to fulfill my academic results, but we face difficulties. How will we overcome t...

4 minutes

“Coco’s Secret”


Coco is a “TYPICAL TEENAGER”, her life’s perfect....but something’s missing!....will she fin...

5 minutes

The Boy Who Loved Trees


Jagdish was a very naughty boy. He enjoyed destroying and uprooting trees and plants. However, duri...

4 minutes

The game of Destiny😉


A boy named Hero is under the special protection of Heaven. He gets a magical jin and he gets back t...

12 minutes



What happens..... when you suddenly get out of your world?A break from your ususal life,from the eve...

9 minutes



The story of the cell, where he realizes the evaluation of human is creating problem to the society....

4 minutes

Legal or illegal?


Out of the hundreds of marriages taking place every year, in India, how many marriages are actually ...

4 minutes



This story is about two brothers among ,whom one is obsessed with the magical power of the mirror an...

6 minutes

The Vengeance of Nature


The Nature is being abused by us. What is the reaction of the other creatures we share this planet w...

4 minutes



When a young boy loses his father to people fighting over dominance and power, a lot of questions po...

9 minutes

Fragrance of Autumn


Fragrance of Autumn is a story of little girl, Radha who has a beautiful heart full of love & kindne...

4 minutes

All the Differences in the World


Can Little things we do have a Big difference in others? Read to find out!...

4 minutes

A gift from nature


Every tree you pass by starts whispering your name. What would you have done? Here's what I did and ...

3 minutes



It's a short story really, of how some mere words and verses became my most priced possession. they ...

6 minutes



This story is about a middle - aged woman who felt very guilty for her deed. She learnt a very valu...

5 minutes



Once upon a time in small little quaint village uphill there lived a middle-aged man Otis, along wit...

4 minutes

The Wild Secret


Can man and wild animals live in harmony? Mother Maria knew the secret and the villagers got to know...

13 minutes

A Gentleman's Game


'Yatin Gulati, had dreams of being a professional cricketer. Little did he know, even in the academy...

3 minutes

A Father learns A Lesson from His Son


This Short Story A Father learns A Lesson from His Son is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy...

2 minutes

A girl's life


She knew she had seen him before,she knew it very well that it was him......

2 minutes

Learn to Appreciate


Once upon a time, there was a man who was very helpful, kindhearted, and generous. He was a man who ...

2 minutes

Catch That Big Fish!


This story is based on a real-life experience I had at Palolem beach in 2004. It makes us think how ...

2 minutes

Unique Unqo


This story is about how Unqo, a kid living in prehistoric times, discovers that being different has ...

1 minute



An inspirational Story. ...

2 minutes



drop your baggage... and ascend......

2 minutes

Save nature


Hari asked the old man why are you so sad? The old man replied "My grandson, when you were all young...

2 minutes

Poor Man's Wealth


Ramchand and Premchand were neighbours. Ramchand was a poor farmer. Premchand was a landlord....

1 minute

Existence of God


Does God listen to the prayers of a needy person?...

2 minutes

A Smile Without Happy Pills


Everyone likes to smile. But if someone is smiling because of Happy Pills....This is a real story of...

2 minutes

The Gratitude Goggles


Priti, a small girl used to keep complaining about everything until the day she visited a fair and c...

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